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If You Need Relief From Debt, Let Attorney Marc Brown Explain Your Options

If You Need Relief From Debt, Let Attorney Marc Brown Explain Your Options

At the Fort Lauderdale law firm of Marc Brown, P.A., we provide south Florida consumers with sound legal advice regarding debt relief, and we help clients who are facing wage garnishments, foreclosures, vehicle repossessions, or bankruptcy. If you can’t pay your debts and you do not know how to move forward, discuss your circumstances and options with attorney Marc Brown.

Even if they are deeply in debt, working people and families in south Florida have important consumer rights under both state and federal law. If your debts are overwhelming you, you need to know what those rights are. You should also know that a good Fort Lauderdale debt defense lawyer, and the legal advice you need, are only a phone call away.

What Should You Know About Filing for Bankruptcy?

If you and your Estate Planning Attorney in Fort Lauderdale determine that filing for bankruptcy is the only practical way to deal with your debts, it is essential to understand what debts will be discharged in the bankruptcy process and what debts will remain. You’ll also need to know what assets you will be allowed to keep and what will have to be liquidated to pay creditors.
For example, credit card debt and medical debts are discharged in the bankruptcy process, but other debts – for child support, student loans, and back taxes, for example – will remain. If you own a home, the State of Florida has one of the most generous homestead exemptions in the country.

Florida also exempts annuities and the cash surrender value of life insurance policies from the bankruptcy process. You may be allowed to keep your vehicle, depending on how much is owed on it and the value of the vehicle itself. A number of other exemptions are allowed for personal property and even – in some cases – for pensions and wages.

What Else Should You Consider Before Filing for Bankruptcy?

Your income, the amount of debt you have accumulated, and the sum of your expenses will be taken into account when your debts are reduced and/or restructured in a bankruptcy proceeding.

It is always best to discuss your options with a debt defense attorney before you take any legal action to deal with your debts. Debt defense law can be complicated, but Fort Lauderdale debt defense lawyer Marc Brown will explain all of your legal options, and if necessary, take swift and effective legal action on your behalf.

Schedule a Consultation to Learn More About Bankruptcy and Debt Defense

The law firm of Marc Brown, P.A. has more than a decade of experience advising south Florida consumers about their debt defense and bankruptcy options. If bankruptcy is your only realistic alternative, we will file your bankruptcy petition with the court and walk you through each step of the process.

To learn more about debt defense and the law, or to start dealing with your debts right now, we provide your first legal consultation at no cost and with no obligation. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about your options for debt relief – and for a better financial future.

Call the Fort Lauderdale law firm of Marc Brown, P.A. at 954-566-5678 to schedule your first consultation. We provide debt relief advice and options to south Florida families in every type of financial situation.