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Our Fort Lauderdale Law Firm Helps Lenders Safeguard Their Property Interests

Our Fort Lauderdale Law Firm Helps Lenders Safeguard Their Property Interests

If you are a lender with a lucrative asset portfolio, you will want to ensure that those assets are protected. When loan or mortgage payments are not made, you are not deriving value from your assets. If you have a residential property in south Florida and the resident is behind on the mortgage payments, a foreclosure must be handled carefully to avoid further losses.

At the Fort Lauderdale law firm of Marc Brown, P.A., we have more than a decade of success helping our clients conduct the foreclosure process. If you are a lender who needs to initiate foreclosure proceedings, Fort Lauderdale foreclosure attorney Marc Brown can provide advice and handle the legal details on your behalf.

The Law Firm of Marc Brown, P.A. Represents Lenders in Foreclosure Actions

Our South Florida law firm represents local, regional, and national lenders of all sizes in foreclosure proceedings. We are proud to service lenders and property owners in Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade counties. We provide legal representation and foreclosure services to mortgage servicers, insurance companies, banks, credit unions, and other institutional lenders as well as private investors.

The foreclosure sale of a property by a bank or another lender can expose the lender to liability suits and/or liabilities or liens that pass with the property – if the proper procedures are not followed. You can avoid the additional legal difficulty by working with the right lender’s attorney.

How Will Attorney Marc Brown Help You?

If you own property in south Florida and the residents have fallen behind on mortgage payments, Estate Planning Attorney in Fort Lauderdale Marc Brown can help you determine if foreclosure is the best option for you moving forward. After your initial consultation with attorney Marc Brown, you will have a better idea of how to move forward, and our legal team can help you begin the foreclosure process. We manage the entire process, including:

  • Ensuring that the paperwork chain is complete
  • Establishing the lender’s right to initiate a foreclosure
  • Providing adequate notice prior to the sale of a foreclosed property
  • Spotting possible liability issues that you could face
  • Determining the benefits and costs of pursuing a deficiency judgment

Contact Marc Brown, P.A. to Schedule a Foreclosure Consultation

A foreclosure is not always the best way to protect a property asset. With advice of legal counsel, a “deed in lieu of foreclosure” solution may be possible. Alternatively, a lender may choose to work with the borrower on a loan modification. In south Florida, working with a Fort Lauderdale foreclosure lawyer is the best way to ensure that your chosen course of action is in your best interests and satisfies all legal requirements.

A foreclosure sale does not always recoup the full amount that is owed to a lender. If you choose to pursue the difference by obtaining a deficiency judgment, the law firm of Marc Brown, P.A. will provide the legal assistance you need.

Marc Brown, P.A. is a trusted lender’s law firm with over a decade of experience in south Florida foreclosure proceedings. Let us help you through the foreclosure process by taking advantage of the most effective legal strategies. To learn more, or to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation first legal consultation, call attorney Marc Brown’s law offices in Fort Lauderdale at 954-566-5678.