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South Florida Attorney Marc Brown Provides Advice About Wills and Probate

Everyone knows that losing a loved one can be one of life’s most difficult events. Handling the resolution of your loved one’s estate – and going through a probate proceeding – can add even more stress to an already anxiety-filled situation. For over a decade, Fort Lauderdale probate administration attorney Marc Brown has handled probate administration matters for families throughout south Florida.

If you are named as an executor or personal representative in the last will and testament of a deceased Floridian, you should contact the law offices of Marc Brown, P.A. at once to begin the probate process. If your loved one did not leave a will, Florida law has a procedure that determines who can act as the estate’s personal representative. Attorney Marc Brown can guide and advise you through every stage of the process.

Why Would You Hire a Probate Attorney?

Probate administration is the judicial process that inventories and evaluates a deceased person’s estate, pays the estate’s debts and taxes, and distributes what remains to the heirs according to the decedent’s will. Probate is sometimes simple, but it can also be a complicated and messy legal procedure. For more than a decade, attorney Marc Brown has handled south Florida probate administration matters ranging from modest estates to complex estates with interests and assets in multiple jurisdictions.

When someone’s last will and testament is submitted for probate, that person’s taxes and debts are paid. The will becomes a part of the public record and available for anyone to review. In many cases, not everyone who is involved is satisfied with the will, and a family member may contest the decedent’s mental capacity at the time the will was signed or may allege that the decedent was a victim of duress, undue influence, or intentional interference at that time.

What Can Be the Consequences of Contesting a Will?

Upon the loss of a family member, you may need the services of a Florida probate litigation law firm that has helped other families in similar circumstances. Fort Lauderdale probate administration lawyer Marc Brown provides high-quality legal services to clients in Fort Lauderdale and throughout Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties.
Legal disputes over a loved one’s legacy can tear a family apart and substantially reduce the value of an estate. If you anticipate a contest over a loved one’s will, contact attorney Marc Brown right away, and he may be able to help your family members resolve their differences before any lasting or substantial damage is done to the estate.

Attorney Marc Brown Also Offers Comprehensive Estate Planning Services

When all of the assets have been moved out of the decedent’s estate, the legitimate claims of creditors have been paid, the applicable taxes have been paid, and the heirs have received their inheritances, the probate procedure is complete, and Estate Planning Attorney in Fort Lauderdale Marc Brown can help you close your loved one’s estate.

The law firm of Marc Brown, P.A., provides comprehensive estate planning services to its south Florida clients. If you do not have an estate plan, we can develop a plan for you that reduces or eliminates the cost of probate and also reduces the likelihood that your last will and testament will be contested after your death.

To learn more about estate planning or probate, or to begin the estate planning or probate process, contact our law offices in Fort Lauderdale at 954-566-5678. Your first legal consultation is provided at no cost and with no obligation.