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The Law Firm of Marc Brown, P.A. Provides Real Estate-Related Legal Advice and Services

The Law Firm of Marc Brown, P.A. Provides Real Estate-Related Legal Advice and Services

Here in South Florida, real estate matters are governed by a number of laws, judicial rulings, and matters that include but aren’t limited to permitting, eminent domain, zoning, the litigation of real estate disputes.

Working together with our affiliated full-service title company (All Florida Title Company), the Fort Lauderdale law firm of Marc Brown, P.A. can efficiently and effectively address title defects and related difficulties. We offer these and other real estate-related legal services:

  • Title curative services
  • Lien reduction services
  • Review of documents related to transactions and foreclosures

In addition to his considerable background in real estate law, Fort Lauderdale real estate litigation attorney Marc Brown has the practical legal knowledge that cuts to the core of a problem for a quick, cost-effective resolution. He has extensive experience resolving the most complicated and difficult real estate-related legal problems.

Why Should You Work With a Real Estate Attorney?

If you’re selling or buying south Florida real estate, these are the reasons why you should have the advice and guidance of a good real estate lawyer:

  1. Attorneys have legal authority: Real estate brokers and agents can’t draft the legal documents – like riders and deeds – that protect your interests in a real estate transaction. And an agent or broker can’t offer you reliable legal advice. Only a lawyer can do that.
  2. An attorney has no conflict of interest: Real estate lawyers don’t work for commissions like real estate agents. A Fort Lauderdale real estate litigation lawyer can stay objective while looking out for your long-term best interests.
  3. Lawyers have the legal experience you need: Most real estate agents have no legal background. Real estate attorney Marc Brown can advise you about your legal responsibilities and help you sidestep any legal difficulties.

Let Attorney Marc Brown Be Your Guide Through Transactions and Closings

With help from the right real estate attorney, selling and buying real estate in South Florida isn’t that difficult. Whether you’re purchasing your first home or you are a long-time commercial real estate investor, almost all of the same laws and regulations will apply. Reliable legal advice – based on experience – is imperative for anyone who is dealing with Florida’s real estate laws and regulations.

Closings are usually complicated. Without trustworthy counsel, you could be exposed to risk. The law firm of Marc Brown, P.A. reviews the documents that are pertinent to a real estate transaction, ensures a smooth transfer of the title, and handles any additional legal concerns related to your property sale or purchase.

Schedule a No-Cost Legal Consultation With Attorney Marc Brown

Fort Lauderdale attorney Marc Brown knows the south Florida real estate market, and he knows the area well. He’s a Miami native, and he earned his law degree from Miami’s St. Thomas University School of Law.

For more than a decade, attorney Marc Brown has handled scores of south Florida real estate transactions and related matters for his clients. He also resolves title issues that may be standing in the way of a transaction or encumbering a property.

Whether you are the buyer or the seller of a south Florida property, it is always smart to have the right real estate lawyer guide you from the beginning of the property transaction process. Call 954-566-5678 to schedule your first consultation – at no cost or obligation – with attorney Marc Brown.