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What Should You Look For In A Title Company?

If you are buying a home or property in Florida, there are numerous moving parts to the process. Finding a realtor to purchase negotiations and getting your loan approved can be a stressful experience. Fortunately, full-service title companies can handle the many steps involved in closing on your new real estate.

Before you pick the first titling service listed on your Google search, understand that Florida has a wide range of these companies which vary greatly in knowledge and capabilities. However, when deciding which firm to work with, there are several essential qualities to look for before making your decision.

What Are Those Top Qualities?

If you plan to purchase title insurance, you will get to choose which company you prefer to handle your closing and title verification of your new property. Below are the primary qualities you should look for in a title servicer:

It’s Run By Attorneys

Homebuyers needing a title company should look at those run by attorneys first. Real estate transactions in Florida can have disputes arise over defective title issues and hidden lien headaches. With an attorney by your side through the closing process, you can be sure any real estate law matter that might arise can get addressed right away and correctly. This saves time and provides you with legal counsel already familiar with your case.

A History Of Stellar Reviews

Another indicator of how your client experience will be is the history of positive feedback previous customers have left. While you can read testimonials on a company’s website, these are controlled. Search on Google for reviews and go back several months and even years to get a feel for the good and bad about title services you’re interested in interviewing.

You can also speak with local real estate agents that have worked in your area for a while. They can tell you firsthand what their experiences were working with them and any issues. Also, don’t hesitate to compare rates, but don’t let this be the determining factor in your decision. Your goal is to close on your home without mistakes or pitfalls that could hurt your investment.

They Meet Deadlines

Home sales require numerous documents, many of which have deadlines that cannot be missed. Any title company you ultimately hire needs to be on time, every time. This ensures that your closing stays on schedule and proceeds smoothly. If you meet with a representative, pay attention to the size of their staff, how busy they are, and inquire about their workload and turnaround times.

Conveniently Located And Accessible

The location and accessibility of your title office should also play into your final decision. It’s not just about having a car and being able to travel. You have a busy life with work and family. Finding time to make a thirty-minute drive through city traffic to sign a paper can be a hassle. While it’s true that a lot of the paperwork gets handled electronically, there will still be occasions requiring you in person. Consider title firms that have locations closer to your home that are on the same route you take to work or school.

Responsive And Communicative

When you sit down with your title agent, pay attention to how they respond to your questions. Also, be upfront about your expectations for communicating with them. This could be a red flag if they talk over you a lot or seem to cut short your questions. Buying a house is already stressful in itself. You don’t want a title company adding to this anxiety. The purpose of hiring one of these agencies is to help streamline the entire process and ensure no mistakes are made. If they can’t be bothered to answer simple questions via phone, email, or text, can they meet the demands of more serious matters like an error on your Closing Disclosure?

Work With A Reputable Florida Title Company

At All Florida Real Estate Lawyers, we have spent the past two decades assisting individuals, and families navigate the closing process. We have you covered every step of the way, no matter how big the real estate transaction. Our comprehensive title and ancillary services ensure you are prepared for any situation that might arise to ensure your closing gets completed seamlessly.

At All Florida Real Estate Lawyers, we care about helping you stay informed throughout your real estate transaction. Have questions? Contact us today.