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When You Buy a Home in South Florida, Have the Advice of a Real Estate Litigation Attorney

The South Florida law firm of Marc Brown, P.A., has more than a decade of experience representing clients in all areas of real estate litigation. If you are purchasing a residential property in Palm Beach, Broward, or Miami-Dade County, Fort Lauderdale real estate lawyer, Marc Brown, can help you resolve any title defects or other issues that may be standing in the way of the transaction.

Attorney Marc Brown is exceptionally skilled and experienced at resolving the most difficult and confusing real estate problems and conflicts. If you have legal questions or concerns regarding any real estate-related matter, or if you are involved in a dispute regarding a breach of contract or a title defect, dedicated attorney, Marc Brown, in Fort Lauderdale knows what steps to take. He will provide sound legal advice and work effectively on your behalf.

How Does Attorney Marc Brown Help Prospective Home Buyers?

In Florida, the chain of ownership for some properties can date back more than a century. A long ownership chain means that a property has been the subject of multiple transactions, with potentially dozens of owners and lenders who may have a claim or interest in the property.

The pertinent documents in a property transaction include but are not necessarily limited to deeds, mortgages, tax records, utility assessments, and liens. If any of these documents are missing or incomplete, it can delay or prevent a property transaction. However, the Fort Lauderdale law firm of Marc Brown, P.A. has extensive experience resolving complicated title defects. We provide clients with reliable legal advice, and we know what steps to take.

What Challenges Can Arise When You Buy or Sell a Property?

Property line disputes are common in South Florida. In many cases, the exact location of a property’s boundaries is not immediately obvious, and it may not be easy to settle such a dispute out-of-court. If you are seeking to buy a residential property that is the subject of a boundary dispute, Fort Lauderdale real estate litigation lawyer Marc Brown can act as a mediator and work on your behalf for a favorable outcome.

Sometimes, a residential property title defect prohibits the sale of the property. Title defects include, but are not limited to:

  • A prior mortgage or lien against the property
  • A party disputing the boundary of the property
  • A party claiming easement rights under or over the property

Call Attorney Marc Brown for Help When Purchasing a Home

If you are selling a property, a title defect can jeopardize the marketability of that property. If you buy a property and you discover a defect in the title after you have closed on the property, attorney Marc Brown can take action to resolve the defect and protect your rights.

Your first legal consultation is provided without cost or obligation. In any South Florida real estate transaction, whether you are the buyer or seller, the law firm of Marc Brown, P.A. can advise you, ensure that all of the necessary documents are accurate and complete, and protect your long-term best interests.

You can schedule that first legal consultation now by calling our Fort Lauderdale law offices. We advise and represent clients in all matters related to real estate and real estate law in the South Florida region.