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Buying or selling commercial real estate in the Davie area is often a transaction involving millions of dollars. With so much capital at risk, it is vital that you act to protect your interests. Whether you are an individual looking to acquire land to open a storefront or a company looking to obtain an investment property, the legal and financial complexities of commercial assets are significant. Fortunately, you do not have to manage all of this on your own.

A Davie commercial real estate lawyer can provide the guidance and support you need. This support can include performing a title search, determining the current deed status, negotiating purchase/sale agreements, and working to ensure that all essential documentation meets the relevant legal requirements. Contact our office of seasoned real estate attorneys today to schedule a consultation.

Assisting with Commercial Real Estate Transactions

The signing of a final purchase or sale agreement serves as the contract that makes a transfer of commercial real estate complete. However, significant work must go into this sale before a signing can occur. One of the first steps often involves performing a title search.

A title represents the seller’s actual property ownership and ability to transfer the land. A meticulous Davie commercial real estate attorney can ensure that you have the right to sell an asset. They can also evaluate the deed on file with the Broward County Records Department to see what guarantees from liens or other charges follow the property.

In addition, All Florida Real Estate Lawyers’ team is prepared to represent your interests during the negotiation of the final terms of sale. This can include the price, determining which fixtures will move with the land, and choosing a closing date.

Protecting the Future Rights of Commercial Sellers and Buyers

With so much money being exchanged in a typical commercial real estate transaction, it is no surprise that disputes can occur both before and after closing. Even during the negotiation phase of a sale, parties may disagree over key terms that can threaten to hold up or even terminate a deal entirely. Some of the potential troubles that can arise often include:

  • Whether an installment payment occurred at the scheduled time
  • A third party coming forward with a supposed claim on the land
  • Defects in the property becoming apparent that were not adequately disclosed by the seller
  • Issues arising with bank or property appraisal
  • Potential buyers getting rejected for their mortgages
  • The local government trying to take commercial property for public use

Having a competent Davie attorney with extensive knowledge of commercial real estate by your side can help preserve your best interests during the formation of a contract.

Contact a Davie Commercial Real Estate Attorney for Your Business Needs

Commercial real estate and investment properties are often the foundations of small businesses. It is crucial that you understand your rights during the purchase or sale of these assets and have the assistance you need to ensure the best chance of making a clean transfer. Hiring a skilled Davie commercial real estate lawyer is a step in the right direction.

Not only will All Florida Real Estate Lawyers conduct an analysis of the land’s title and deed history, but they can also help you understand zoning laws, save you precious time, and advise you of potential problems. Reach out today to schedule an initial consultation to learn more.