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Buying and selling real estate often means relying on the word of others. Specifically, the property owner may offer a guarantee of their right to sell the asset and ensure that it is free from any encumbrance or third-party claim. However, determining the land’s title and deed status is the most effective way to make or verify these assurances.

Talking with a Davie title and deed lawyer can help facilitate a smoother transfer of property. This includes investigating a piece of real estate’s current legal status, evaluating a seller’s ability to offer the asset, and registering a new deed with the relevant government offices. Reach out to All Florida Real Estate Lawyers to learn more.

Common Types of Deeds in Florida

A deed is a legal document that goes hand in hand with any sale of real estate. These documents memorialize the guarantees a seller makes regarding their ownership rights and the potential claims of third parties. There are three common forms of deeds, including:

  • Warranty deeds: In these examples, the seller is promising that they are the owners of the land and that no other parties have a claim of ownership
  • Grant deeds: These are similar to warranty deeds in most critical ways. The one exception is that the seller is only certifying their clear ownership of the property during the time that they owned the land. This makes no promises concerning past claims
  • Quitclaim deed: Here, the seller is making no promises about their clear ownership of the property. This may mean that other parties have a claim on the land or that the land is subject to a lien

A knowledgeable Davie attorney can provide more information about the types of deeds and their impact on potential sales. They can also work on drafting new deeds that accurately reflect any changes in ownership or guarantees.

Providing Support Regarding Titles

Titles and deeds are separate legal documents. While a deed records a sale and the new ownership of property, a title reflects current ownership and the ability to sell the property. Parties looking to sell land should ensure that their current title indicates that they are the owners of the property.

The team at All Florida Real Estate Lawyers is prepared to take the lead in this process. This includes contacting the Broward County Records Department to learn the current title status on land. This can also help potential buyers gain a better understanding of the exact parcel of land they are looking to acquire or could help sellers offer property for sale with greater specificity.

Finally, our attorneys can work to register a new title upon the purchase of land in Davie. This helps inform the government and other interested parties of the current ownership of a property and the right to use that land within the confines of local zoning and ordinance laws.

Let a Davie Title and Deed Attorney Facilitate a More Efficient Sale of Real Estate

Deeds and titles are legal documents that establish and communicate a party’s ability to sell land. A deed makes this transfer official and can include information about the seller’s guarantee of power to move the property. By contrast, a title represents a party’s current ownership. Having proper knowledge of both documents and how they work is vital to any proposed sale of real estate.

All Florida Real Estate Lawyers are prepared to take care of this essential process. Contact us to speak with a Davie title and deed lawyer today to discover more.