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Purchasing, selling, or leasing a piece of commercial real estate is an important legal process. All transactions should move through a purchase/sale agreement or a lease agreement that clearly outlines the rights and responsibilities of both parties. The final form of the contract will be the sole document that protects the rights of all involved individuals and entities. As with any other contract, the deal’s final terms are open for negotiation.

A Fort Lauderdale commercial real estate negotiation lawyer is ready to stand by your side to protect your interests during all negotiation sessions. This includes understanding your needs and where there is room for compromise. It also includes taking the lead during talks with the other party to the transaction and their legal representation to create final forms of contracts that fit your needs. Speak with a skilled attorney from All Florida Real Estate Lawyers today to learn more about getting started.

Taking the Lead in Negotiating Purchase/Sale Agreements

Every exchange of real estate in Florida must occur through the use of a contract. While these contracts contain standard language about the property and which laws will govern the transaction, the exact terms of the document are always open for the two parties to create on their own.

A Fort Lauderdale commercial real estate negotiation attorney can play a major role in this. A variety of topics are open for negotiation. These can include:

  • The sale price
  • When the closing will occur
  • Which parties will pay the closing costs
  • The inclusion of appliances or other fixtures in the sale price
  • Any necessary repairs prior to closing

Approaching the negotiating table from a position of strength is essential in any real estate transaction.

The Final Stages of the Residential Estate Negotiation Process

Once both parties agree to a fair sale price and a completion date, the closing process will begin. This procedure includes transferring cash, signing mortgage documents, and taking formal possession of the property.

During this stage, it is crucial for both parties to follow the terms of the sale agreement. For example, the buyer must take possession of the property at the specified time, and the seller must leave the fixtures and appliances they agreed to leave in the contract.

A commercial real estate negotiation attorney can help Fort Lauderdale property owners and potential sellers ensure that the other party follows all the stipulations of their deal. This may include pursuing a breach of contract lawsuit that demands full payment or the performance of specific duties under the agreement. According to Florida Statutes § 95.11, all lawsuits alleging a violation must be in court no more than five years after the supposed breach occurs. Taking a powerful position during the negotiation of these contracts allows you to understand your rights and be prepared to act to protect them.

Speak with a Fort Lauderdale Commercial Real Estate Negotiation Attorney

You always have the right to have a say in what precise terms will end up in a commercial real estate purchase/sale agreement. Common topics for a negotiation often include a final sale price, the attachment of fixtures, and the formal transfer of ownership.

A Fort Lauderdale commercial real estate negotiation lawyer is ready to take the lead in this process. We work to understand your needs, identify areas open for negotiation, and bring proposals to the other parties that make your position clear. Contact the team at All Florida Real Estate Lawyers now to schedule a meeting.