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Real estate transactions are among the most valuable agreements people will enter. Whether this contract is for the purchase or sale of a family home, or involves securing a physical location upon which to do business, protecting your rights during the creation and execution of these agreements is paramount. Sadly, disputes over the terms of real estate contracts are common. In these situations, you need to act swiftly to protect your interests.

A Fort Lauderdale contract disputes lawyer can help you. They can evaluate the language of a contract to determine the rights and responsibilities of all parties. Armed with this knowledge, they are prepared to make legal arguments that support your position in and out of court. Contact a skilled real estate attorney from All Florida Real Estate Lawyers today to schedule your consultation.

Common Disputes Concerning Real Estate Contracts

All real estate transfers should occur in the context of a contract. This is the only way to properly memorialize the terms of the sale and protect the interests of all involved parties. A key concept that should be present in any contract is that all terms should be as clear as possible. In fact, ambiguity in an agreement is the most common source of real estate contract disputes in the Fort Lauderdale area. This lack of clarity may impact any part of a contract and might include:

  • The sale price
  • The closing date
  • Any encumbrances or liens on the property
  • Which party will pay closing costs
  • Which fixtures will move with the property

The language in the contract should specifically address each of these areas and other topics that the buyer and seller wish to address. One way in which a meticulous Fort Lauderdale contract disputes attorney can help is by analyzing the language of a contract, comparing it with the actions of the parties, and determining if a breach has occurred. If so, they are prepared to protect clients’ rights, whether they are seeking a remedy or looking to justify their actions.

Representing the Rights of Clients During a Breach

If it appears that a breach of contract has occurred, seeking a remedy is always a possibility. Many people imagine the case will need to go to court and involve years of lengthy arguments and appearances. Thankfully, resolving real estate contract disputes rarely gets to this point.

A proactive Fort Lauderdale attorney with experience in handling real estate contract disputes can help resolve disagreements out of court. This could involve participating in informal settlement talks with other parties and their attorneys in an attempt to resolve the matter. It could also include participating in more structured mediation sessions with an impartial arbiter hearing the case and assisting the parties in resolving their differences.

If these measures fail to resolve the matter, a formal lawsuit may be necessary. Under Florida Statute § 95.11, individuals and entities seeking a remedy after a breach of contract must bring their cases to court no more than five years after the date of the occurrence. However, certain disputes may have a shorter time limit.

Speak with a Fort Lauderdale Contract Disputes Attorney for Legal Guidance

Disagreements over the terms and application of real estate contracts are common. Both parties may feel they are in the right or unable to come to terms with the best way to resolve their differences. This could lead to complex legal arguments over the true ownership of property or the payment for that asset.

If you are currently involved in a real estate contract dispute, or anticipate needing to protect your rights, reach out to a dedicated Fort Lauderdale contract disputes lawyer today. They can evaluate the terms of a contract, examine the actions of all involved parties, determine potential areas of concern, and stand in your corner every step of the way. Contact All Florida Real Estate Lawyers today to learn more.