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Aging comes with many challenges. Not least of these is the requirement to make legal arrangements for the future. This includes not only planning for what will happen to your assets after you pass away but also taking steps to provide yourself more comfort in your golden years.

Our compassionate Fort Lauderdale elder law attorney, may be able to provide essential support. Our motivated attorney can work to understand your current situation and identify realistic goals for the future. He can also take the lead in drafting the necessary legal documents to protect you and your heirs in the coming years.

Passing on Assets after a Person’s Death

Most people view estate planning and elder law to ensure that their assets move to the correct heirs after their death. In fact, the core document in most people’s estate plans, their will, serves to fill this function. A will informs the probate court as to what you want to happen to your property after death and nominates an executor to oversee the process. A Fort Lauderdale elder law lawyer could help to evaluate your needs for a will and draft documents that meet the construction requirements under Florida Statute § 732.502.

However, other options exist to transfer property after one’s death. An end-of-life trust serves to ensure that beneficiaries receive property through a transfer that occurs immediately following the maker’s death,  without the delays and complications that can sometimes arise during probate. A knowledgeable attorney could help evaluate this and other options for the movement of assets after death.

Elder Law Planning for the Immediate Future in Fort Lauderdale

While estate planning often considers what will happen after your death, it can also serve to make the pending years more comfortable. Some individuals may want to make charitable contributions to their favorite causes. Others may need to provide for grandchildren or people with developmental disabilities. Creating a trust that distributes assets to these parties in a controlled manner is one way to meet these goals at any point in the future.

Careful estate planning could also bring significant benefits for seniors. Placing property into a trust means that you no longer own those items. This can help to reduce your tax burden. Lowering your ownership of assets could also help you to become eligible for government programs, such as Medicaid. A lawyer will work with you and your family to understand your specific needs and make recommendations on how to craft estate plans that bring the best chance of achieving individual goals.

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Every adult should have a comprehensive estate plan. This is even more important for senior citizens who may want to make accommodations for after their death and for their immediate futures. While forming a will could help to meet many of these goals, it is essential to approach the future in a more comprehensive way.

At All Florida Real Estate Lawyers our Fort Lauderdale elder law attorneys, may be able to help. We work to evaluate your needs and provide recommendations for the legal documents that give those needs the necessary authority. This could include wills, trusts, and modifications of existing documents. Give us a call now to learn more about how we can help you.