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Banks and other lenders routinely face allegations of wrongdoing when it comes to their lending practices. In some cases, borrowers might allege a lender has violated some form of fiduciary duty. If the borrower successfully pursues a lender liability claim, they could recover damages based on their losses.

However, many of these claims stem from misunderstandings. Regardless of the circumstances, it is important for lenders to have an experienced attorney they can rely on. You could benefit from the guidance of a Fort Lauderdale lender liability defense lawyer with All Florida Real Estate Lawyers.

Common Lender Liability Issues

There are different circumstances that could lead a borrower to allege wrongdoing on behalf of their lender. Some of these disputes involve allegations of contractual breaches, while other cases relate to claims of fraud. A Fort Lauderdale lender liability defense attorney could review the facts of these allegations and determine the ideal strategy for fighting back.

Breach of Contract

One of the most common types of lender liability cases involves an alleged breach of contract. The specific nature of the loan agreement will determine what a claim for breach might look like. For example, it could involve a failure to honor a loan commitment as required by the loan documents.

Bad Faith

Another common issue that can serve as the basis for a lender liability claim is bad faith. Allegations of bad faith occur when a borrower believes a lender is not dealing fairly with them. Bad faith could involve wrongfully failing to honor loan terms.


Fraud allegations also frequently make up the basis of a lender liability claim. Fraud could potentially occur at any point in the loan process. For example, some allegations involve fraudulently induced agreements. Other acts of fraud could include predatory lending or the misrepresentation of important information. Any fraud allegations could lead not only to criminal charges but also to lender liability civil claims as well.

Resolving Lender Liability Claims

There are different ways for a Fort Lauderdale attorney to approach the defense of a lender liability claim. In some cases, the allegations made by the borrower are frivolous or based on little more than desperation. Some borrowers will try to preempt an eviction action by filing a lender liability case first.

In some cases, a dismissal might not be an option. When litigation becomes necessary, an experienced attorney could thoroughly investigate the allegations in order to build the strongest defense strategy possible.

Finally, there are conflicts that can be resolved with a borrower without the need for litigation altogether. In some cases, negotiation could prevent the borrower from ever filing a lender liability complaint in the first place. The right legal counsel could be invaluable in resolving these claims in the most efficient way possible.

Reach Out to a Fort Lauderdale Lender Liability Defense Attorney Right Away

If you are facing allegations of wrongdoing from a borrower, it is vital that you seek out legal counsel right away. Handling lender liability claims on your own could put you at substantial risk.

Let a Fort Lauderdale lender liability defense lawyer help you protect your interests. Call All Florida Real Estate Lawyers immediately for a private consultation.