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The purchase or sale of real estate in the Fort Lauderdale area can often involve transactions with values in the millions of dollars. With so much at stake, it is vital that you be prepared to approach these agreements from a position of confidence as well as understand the laws that apply to the sale. This can involve properly investigating the land’s title, forming a purchase/sale contract, and enforcing your rights during and after the transfer of ownership.

A Fort Lauderdale real estate purchase/sale lawyer is prepared to provide support during each of these steps. For potential buyers, they can investigate the seller’s purported ownership of the land and take the lead in negotiating a fair sale price. For sellers, they are also ready to fiercely represent your needs and ensure that a potential sale moves forward with as little stress as possible. Reach out to an experienced real estate attorney from All Florida Real Estate Lawyers today to learn more.

Preliminary Steps in the Purchase or Sale of Real Estate

Buyers looking to purchase real estate in either the residential or commercial sectors must perform due diligence before paying the high prices that land can demand on the open market. One of the most crucial details about the property is its ownership history. More precisely, researching if the seller can offer the land free from the claims of any other party.

Performing a proper title search is often the first step in legitimate real estate transactions. If a possible buyer decides that they want to make an offer on a piece of property, a detailed Fort Lauderdale real estate purchase/sale attorney can check with the Broward County Record Department to determine who currently owns the land. This involves finding out if any third parties could have a claim on the asset. If the search comes back clean, this paves the way to a potential sale. Similarly, an attorney can represent the interests of sellers in the same capacity, allowing for a smooth transaction.

Forming Comprehensive and Fair Real Estate Purchase/Sale Agreements

Once it becomes clear that a seller has the right to move the land to another party, serious negotiations over a sale can begin. While the most visible portion of this sale agreement is the final price, there are other terms in a contract that may make the document more favorable or fair for a client. These may include:

  • Determining which party will pay closing costs
  • Deciding which fixtures or other property will move with the structure
  • Selecting a closing date
  • Assigning a duty to repair identified defects

Having the guidance of an attorney who is skilled in handling the purchase and sale of real estate can help ensure their compliance with local laws and their comprehensiveness. This, in turn, also helps avoid any future contract disputes.

Reach Out to a Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Purchase/Sale Attorney Before Signing an Agreement

The sale of real estate is a valuable agreement that can determine your financial viability and comfort for years. It is imperative to approach this transaction from a place of confidence. For buyers, this means knowing that a seller has the authority to offer the land free from encumbrance. For sellers, this includes being able to make this guarantee. In either scenario, this means creating purchase/sale agreements that are both comprehensive and favorable.

Contact a qualified Fort Lauderdale real estate purchase/sale attorney today. They are ready to explore your needs and get to work providing a worry-free real estate transaction experience.