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Individuals seeking a new place to rent must be aware of the terms of their potential rental agreement. Similarly, landlords must have rental agreements in place that both protect their assets as well as conform with all relevant state and federal laws. A major part of this compliance is the drafting of residential leases that are both precise and comprehensive.

A Fort Lauderdale residential lease drafting lawyer from All Florida Real Estate Lawyers can help you in this process. Our team of qualified real estate attorneys work with landlords to identify areas of concern and craft leases that protect their assets. We are ready to take every necessary step in the creation of new residential leases or the modification of existing templates.

A Residential Lease Defines the Relationship Between Landlords and Tenants

Every landlord-tenant relationship in Florida should have the backing of a formal lease. These leases can define a collection of vital terms to the agreement, including:

  • The amount of rent and frequency with which it is paid
  • The length of the tenancy
  • Determining which party is responsible for paying for utilities
  • Allowing or prohibiting pets on the premises

While landlords and tenants are generally free to include whatever provisions they want in a lease, state law does place limits on this ability. For example, Florida Statutes § 83.53 says that tenants must allow a landlord to enter their home for the purpose of protecting the unit and preserving its value. However, landlords must provide reasonable notice of their intent to perform these inspections or repairs. Any clause in a rental contract that goes against these rules is illegal and invalid. A Fort Lauderdale residential lease drafting attorney is ready to explain the functions of leases and how they interact with all relevant laws.

Drafting Lease Agreements After Fair Negotiations

Many landlords and tenants assume that a landlord’s proposed lease is the only option available to them. However, this is not the case. Potential tenants may object to a specific term in a possible lease. This can open the door for negotiations.

Once these negotiations have concluded, a residential lease drafting lawyer can help incorporate these new terms into the final product. This can be the result of negotiations that take place before a signing or amending existing leases in ways that will carry legal effect should a dispute arise. Allowing a Fort Lauderdale attorney to be present during these negotiations leaves little doubt as to your intentions and helps ensure that a final lease accurately reflects the wishes of both parties.

Let a Fort Lauderdale Residential Lease Drafting Attorney Take the Lead

A comprehensive and clear residential lease forms the basis for the relationship between landlords and tenants. The language of this document will determine the rent amount, permissible behavior, and the comfort of the people inside. It is critically important that these documents accurately reflect the needs of all parties.

Allowing a Fort Lauderdale residential lease drafting lawyer to form these documents increases the chances of a happy landlord-tenant relationship. In addition, it can help to decrease the odds of disputes in the future that could bring about costly litigation. Get in touch with All Florida Real Estate Lawyers today to learn more about how we are ready to help you.