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For lenders and brokers, any delay in the closing process is one too many. Failure to provide accurate figures or documentation, or practices which run afoul of regulatory and compliance guidelines, can cost lenders not only money, but trust as well. Lenders need to be able to rely on title professionals who are knowledgeable, thorough, professional and committed to avoiding problems and resolving issues quickly and efficiently.

At All Florida Title Company in Ft. Lauderdale, our title and deed attorneys have been working with numerous lenders for over two decades to provide trusted and reliable title, escrow and closing services. We have deep knowledge of the South Florida market and extensive experience with even the most complex transactions. We assist lenders with purchases, refinances, shorts sales and 1031 exchanges, among other transactions. Contact a Fort Lauderdale real estate lender lawyer today.


With more than two decades in business, we have the experience and knowledge required to meet or even exceed the compliance guidelines required of lenders. All Florida Title Company s is committed to full compliance with all state and federal laws and regulations, and has implemented policies and procedures which minimize the likelihood of any compliance problems or roadblocks. These policies and procedures ensure that we adhere to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) guidelines as well as the American Land Title Association’s Best Practices.

We are fully TRID compliant and protect a lender’s interest against any title defects by carefully reviewing your instructions and ensuring that all documents are executed in a timely manner. A thorough Fort Lauderdale real estate lender attorney is available to quickly address any concerns or questions throughout the closing process. We understand the importance of quick turnaround times and our streamlined processing allows us to quickly deliver all your title orders, from commitment to policy, so you can better take care of your clients’ needs.


Our attorneys assist in the preparation of all necessary loan documents in addition to providing escrow and title services for all your private lending needs. At All Florida Title Company, you benefit from the knowledge, experience and insight of our team throughout the lending process, especially if an unexpected legal issue arises.

Our attorneys’ commitment to Ft. Lauderdale real estate lenders includes investing in tools and technology to help them better serve their clients. You can now get instant net sheets and title premium calculations in 30 seconds or less to share with your clients via our online title premium calculator and net sheet calculator. You can also order titles online, delivered within three days. Our secure client portal allows you to check the status of your file at any time and communicate quickly and efficiently with our team of title and real estate professionals. We are committed to responding to any questions, inquires or concerns the same day.


From our offices in Ft. Lauderdale, All Florida Title Company provides exceptional title services for lenders throughout South Florida. Lenders can be confident in our thoroughness and compliance standards, and can trust us to provide the highest quality title, escrow and closing services with unmatched professionalism and personal attention. We invite you to contact our experienced Fort Lauderdale real estate lender lawyers about your title needs and look forward to assisting you.