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Executing a proper real estate transaction is vital to any company looking to buy or sell an investment. This can be the selection of an office from which to run operations, selling property to another interested buyer, or even purchasing property to lease it out to tenants. The key thing to remember about these transactions is that they revolve around contracts. As a result, each transaction must clearly state the rights and obligations of each party as well as conform to the specific laws and regulations that control each sale.

If you are looking to buy or sell property for the benefit of your company, a Plantation commercial real estate lawyer can help ensure you meet all legal standards and provide vital protection of your assets. Contact a skilled real estate attorney today to schedule a consultation to find out more.

Legal Requirements in Commercial Real Estate Transactions

In its simplest terms, the purchase or sale of commercial real estate is a business transaction where one party offers cash in exchange for land. Even so, sellers have no affirmative duty to disclose known defects about the land to a potential buyer.

However, state law also says that a seller cannot take steps to conceal a known defect, nor can they deny a potential buyer the opportunity to perform an inspection of their choosing. This means that a buyer must conduct their own due diligence and take extra precautions when inspecting the land prior to purchase.

A detailed Plantation commercial real estate attorney can help perform proper inspections for a buyer, as well as work with sellers to ensure that their sale agreement meets all applicable legal standards.

Drafting Accurate and Fair Transaction Agreements

A commercial real estate purchase or sale agreement is a contract. This means that the parties to that transaction have a legal obligation to perform their duties under the document’s language. This makes drafting an agreement with clear and concise language essential to protecting all involved parties.

A Plantation attorney that is highly experienced in commercial real estate laws can help business owners identify their goals for a purchase or sale. They could then insert those goals into a drafted transaction agreement. Once the negotiation phase arrives, they can also represent a business’s interests in hammering out the details of the final document.

In addition, if one party alleges a breach, they can file a complaint asking a civil court to resolve the matter. In most cases, this proves to be unnecessary, but a qualified attorney can also help to prepare cases for litigation within the statute of limitations.

Retain the Services of a Plantation Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Deciding to purchase or sell commercial property is a critical step for businesses that can create many legal questions. To be successful, these transactions must be documented in writing which properly and adequately outlines the rights of all involved parties.

A seasoned Plantation commercial real estate lawyer can help answer your questions and evaluate the terms of an existing purchase or sale agreement. They can also work in your corner to negotiate terms and even draft new documents if needed, ensuring that all relevant legal criteria are met. Contact All Florida Real Estate Lawyers today to schedule a consultation to find out more about how our services can be of help.