Plantation Commercial Real Estate Laws

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Purchasing or owning commercial real estate comes with significant obligations under the law. Not only must prospective owners understand these obligations before taking possession, but current owners must be sure to remain in compliance with their duties towards the government, other landowners, and tenants. Failing to follow Plantation commercial real estate laws can bring significant financial and legal troubles for commercial landowners.

The All Florida Real Estate Lawyers are ready to provide the support that helps keep you on the right side of the law. Whether you are looking to purchase property and want to know what your obligations will be, are currently involved in an ongoing dispute, or need to press for your rights in court, we are ready to provide the help you need.

Interactions with Other Landowners and Tenants

It is tempting to think that once you own a piece of commercial property, you are free to do anything you want with that parcel. While this may be true in specific areas, there are also rules and regulations your decision must uphold. For example, you must allow others to enjoy their property, and you cannot do anything to abridge this right.

One common example of this dynamic is the state law concerning nuisances. A nuisance is any aspect of a property that interferes with another’s ability to enjoy their land, or that poses a health or safety hazard to others. According to Florida Statute § 823.05, the state government has the authority to investigate supposed incidents that amount to nuisances. Additionally, property owners have the right to seek compensation through civil lawsuits if another’s nuisance causes their land to lose value.

State laws also govern how commercial property owners must interact with their tenants. When commercial property leases out apartments as homes to others, there are strict rules that control this relationship. One frequent example is the laws that determine when an eviction is appropriate. Under FL Stat. § 83.20, a landlord can only move to evict a tenant when there is a material breach of the lease. An attorney can explain how state laws control the interactions between commercial property owners and third parties in Plantation.

Providing Support to Commercial Property Owners

Owning commercial property may be the backbone of your business or personal finances. As a result, it is crucially important to protect that investment. Few instances pose as significant a threat to this security as a potential lawsuit connected to your ownership of that land.

The team at All Florida Real Estate Lawyers is prepared to provide the protection you need. For people looking to purchase commercial land in Plantation, we can explain the federal, state, and local laws determining how you may use that land in the future. This includes evaluating any current controversies that the property may be a part of. Our team can also help handle apparent violations of the law that form the basis for governmental action and private lawsuits that may allege encroachment on the rights of others.

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Commercial real estate can cost multiple millions of dollars. With so much on the line, it is vital that you take every possible step to protect this investment as well as your legal rights. Hiring a seasoned attorney from our firm can provide this protection.

We can help facilitate the purchase or sale of commercial property, including researching the history of the land, drafting negotiated contracts, and ensuring you are aware of all applicable Plantation commercial real estate laws. Contact the All Florida Real Estate Lawyers today to see how we can help you.