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Contracts are used to dictate the terms of all real estate transactions for both residential and commercial owners alike. Individuals and businesses are legally bound to follow the terms of their contracts. An apparent failure to fulfill these obligations can lead to allegations of breaches which can result in civil action and other substantial legal trouble.

A Plantation contract disputes lawyer can help to protect your rights following allegations of bad faith, whether you are seeking to hold someone accountable for their obligations or dispute whether a breach occurred. Contact our team to speak with a seasoned real estate attorney to get started.

What it Means to Breach a Contract

Signing a real estate contract creates a legal bond between the buyer and the seller. In short, contracts oblige a party to provide goods or services to another. In exchange, the second party must either provide their own object of value, called consideration, or perform their agreed-upon task.

A breach occurs when a buyer or seller fails to perform their duties under the language of the contract. However, not just any incident constitutes a violation of the agreement. To be successful in a breach of contract case, you must demonstrate that the defendant’s actions or lack thereof constituted a material breach. According to state law, a material breach of contract occurs when one party endures a substantial grievance because of the breach. This can include a loss of money due to non-payment, not delivering the property on time, or failing to disclose a defect in the land. A qualified Plantation attorney who is well versed in real estate law and common disputes can help determine if a violation of a contract constitutes a material breach.

Working to Demand Appropriate Remedies

Once a buyer or seller demonstrates that a transgression has caused them harm, they can demand a remedy from the other party. The most direct way to accomplish this is to enter into a mutual settlement. If the two parties can agree to terms that satisfy the aggrieved party, the contractual dispute ends, and the case comes to a close.

Naturally, both parties also have the option of asking a civil court to review the dispute. Civil courts have the jurisdiction to consider cases involving the breach of contracts. However, they can only order remedies that are listed within state law. For instance, Florida Statute § 672.714 allows buyers to pursue monetary damages for their losses if real estate does not meet the seller’s guarantees. A skilled Plantation attorney can help to protect the rights of parties during a contract dispute and seek the most favorable outcome.

Speak with a Plantation Contract Disputes Attorney Today

Every individual or business that signs a contract immediately gains rights under the law. However, that same person or entity also takes on a duty to perform their role under the document. It is not uncommon for disputes to arise regarding a breach of this contract, the location of property lines, a failure to disclose property defects, and more.

Fortunately, a Plantation contract disputes lawyer is here to help you to navigate the process of resolution while protecting your rights and your assets along the way. Reach out to All Florida Real Estate Lawyers today for more information or to schedule a consultation.