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Many people living in the area rent residential properties. In all examples, this creates a landlord-tenant relationship between the renter and the owner of the home or business. This also means that state law provides protections and responsibilities for both parties. These are in addition to provisions within the rental agreements.

A Plantation landlord and tenant dispute lawyer can help you when disagreements arise concerning your rights and duties. This can include working on analyzing the terms of a rental agreement, comparing these terms with relevant state and local laws, and advocating on behalf of your best interests during negotiations and civil litigation. Let our dedicated team of real estate attorneys stand in your corner. Call our office today.

The Laws that Control Landlord-Tenant Interactions

The rights and obligations of lessees and property owners come from a combination of state and local laws and the terms of their individual rental contracts. Most landlord-tenant disputes revolve around a difference of opinion regarding these terms or accusations of breaching them in some way. Common examples include disagreements over the payment of rent, questions concerning the proper use of the property, or the ability of a landlord to enter the unit without the renter’s permission.

Perhaps the most frequently experienced dispute involves situations concerning an eviction, where state law plays an important role. Under Florida Statute § 83.59, a landlord can only take possession of a unit from a renter if:

  • A civil court gives them permission
  • The tenant has surrendered possession to the landlord
  • The tenant has abandoned the unit

A trusted Plantation attorney can help you to evaluate your rights under both the rental agreement and state law to resolve a landlord and tenant dispute in a way that results in the best possible outcome for the given situation.

Providing Legal Representation Every Step of the Way

While a portion of lessees and property owner disagreements will undoubtedly end up in civil court, this is not automatically the case. In many instances, and with the proper legal representation, it is possible to achieve a satisfactory end to these disputes without ever filing a lawsuit in court. By adequately understanding both local laws and the terms of the rental agreement in question, our team can approach the negotiating table from a position of authority to pursue your desired result.

However, if a case needs to go to court, a Plantation landlord and tenant dispute attorney is prepared to file complaints, submit evidence to the court, and represent your interests during all hearings and a final trial. We are ready to do what is needed to protect your rights under the law.

Reach Out to a Plantation Landlord and Tenant Dispute Attorney Now

Both landlords and tenants have rights under the law. At the same time, they must act within the confines of state statutes and the terms of their rental agreements. If you believe that another party has violated those rules, you have the ability to protect your rights.

Our team at All Florida Real Estate Lawyers is ready to help. We can explore the terms of your rental agreement and compare them with state law. We can also perform a full investigation into the events that led to a dispute and use the resulting evidence to protect your interests in and out of court. Speak with a Plantation landlord and tenant dispute lawyer today to explore your options.