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The ability to purchase and sell property through a real estate transaction is crucial to many families and businesses. These sales can bring a quick influx of cash or serve as a solid investment for the coming years. However, an effective sale can only take place when the seller has the authority to transfer the property free from the claims of others. A seasoned real estate attorney is ready to provide buyers and sellers with the assistance needed to ensure that this transfer, and other criteria, are met to help protect their rights.

If you need help understanding the concepts and requirements of legal documents in your situation, contact a Plantation title and deed lawyer from All Florida Real Estate Lawyers. We can get you started on the journey to investing in your future.

What is the Difference Between Titles and Deeds?

Many people think the terms “title” and “deed” are interchangeable. However, there are key differences in the legal consequences of these concepts.

Real Estate Title

A title is a legal representation of a party’s ownership and rights to use a property. This ownership might be partial or complete, but having the title means the ability to modify and access the property on your own terms. It also means the portion owned can be sold to another person or entity.

Ideally, a title will certify that a seller is free to transfer the asset to a potential buyer free from any hindrances. These may include mortgages, third-party claimants to the property, or even loans that have used the asset as collateral.

Real Estate Deed

By contrast, a deed is a written document that transfers the title of a property from one owner to another. Whenever a property changes hands, a new deed should be filed with the courthouse or assessor’s office to make it legally binding. In short, a title is a concept that grants ownership rights, whereas a deed is a legal document outlining those rights. A detail-oriented Plantation title and deed attorney is ready to further explain the legal concepts behind these two important documents.

Protecting the Rights of Title and Deed Holders

Protecting your rights through titles and deeds is essential for all real estate transactions. Any party who is considering purchasing a home, commercial building, or land should perform a complete title search on the proposed asset and the seller. This is the best way to ensure the right to transfer exists and to prevent third parties from making claims on the property in the future.

A part of performing this search is creating title insurance that provides protection in the event of third-party civil action. A knowledgeable Plantation attorney with experience handling deeds and titles can efficiently perform these searches, as well as draft any other required documents, and file them with the Broward County Records Department.

Contact a Plantation Title and Deed Attorney for Help Securing Your Assets

All successful property sales center around the titles and deeds associated with the asset. While they have different uses, both documents are essential parts of the transaction. If you are purchasing or selling land, a commercial investment, or a residential home, a trusted Plantation title and deed lawyer is ready to help you move the process forward as smoothly as possible.

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