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Having a clean and clear title to a piece of real estate is essential to maximizing the benefits of ownership. A clear title leaves no doubt that you are the true owner of the property and can sell it to another party when the opportunity arises. However, many landowners are dismayed to learn that there are defects in their titles. This jeopardizes the value of the land and raises many crucial legal questions.

A Plantation title defect lawyer can work to clear these controversies and bring you the full benefits of land ownership. At All Florida Real Estate Lawyers, our highly trained title and deed attorneys can work to investigate the cause of a title defect, fight to clear these issues and hold any perpetrators of fraud liable for their actions. Reach out to us now to get started.

What Is a Title Defect?

A title represents the official ownership of a parcel of land. Ideally, that title will be on record with the county’s Recorder of Deeds. A major part of purchasing any piece of residential or commercial real estate is the performance of a title search. This search should reveal that the current owner has a free and clear title on record.

However, defects in a title are common. These may become apparent during an initial title search or after a sale has already gone through. A defective title usually means that a third party is making a claim to ownership of land. This may be a product of disputed ownership, the presence of easements that affect the property’s use and value, or even liens from outstanding debts of a past owner.

Each example will jeopardize a current owner’s ability to use the land to its full potential. They may even motivate third parties to make formal demands on the ownership of land in the future. A Plantation attorney is ready to provide more information about title defects and investigate your personal risk.

Working to Clear Title Defects

Clearing a title defect is crucial to having full use and enjoyment of a piece of real estate. In many examples, this involves working with the Recorder of Deeds to determine the boundaries of land and what documents other parties have filed in the past. For example, an old title on record may indicate that a third party has the right to use a path on a parcel of land to access the beach. However, a close examination of the survey records may indicate that this path is not actually on the parcel in question. This would eliminate the easement.

Other steps may be more complex and involve intensive legal action. Some instances of title defects are the product of fraud. In these cases, a party may file a false claim to ownership of property or improperly file a lien with the Recorder. A Plantation title defect attorney is ready to help you clear the controversy with the Recorder and hold fraudsters accountable for their illegal actions.

Let a Plantation Title Defect Attorney Preserve the Value of Your Land

Clear and accurate titles are an essential part of effective land ownership. These documents let others know that you are the true property owner and that your attempts to sell it are genuine. Sadly, defects in titles are common and often not your fault. They may be the product of genuine disputes concerning the ownership of land, errors at the Register of Deeds, or even fraud.

A Plantation title defect lawyer is here to help clear these defects. Through talks with the Recorder of Deeds and formal legal action, they can help you obtain a clean title and hold illegal actors responsible for their fraud. Speak with us now to learn more.