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A timeless concept protected under the law states that people have the right to make their own decisions concerning their present and future. This includes the ability to make medical choices, buy and sell property, and manage their businesses. However, sometimes situations arise that can affect an individual’s ability to make these choices, such as certain medical conditions or not being able to be physically present to oversee transactions. In these scenarios, having a skilled trusts and estates attorney to help with the process of granting a power of attorney (POA) can make all the difference.

With the guidance of a Plantation power of attorney lawyer, you can rest assured that important decisions will still be carried out even if you cannot make them yourself. Reach out to All Florida Real Estate Lawyers today to learn more.

The Legal Impact of a Power of Attorney

In short, a power of attorney allows one person to make legal decisions on behalf of another. Parties may either grant this responsibility for a specific purpose (limited POA) or to provide assistance with general decision-making (general POA).

Limited Power of Attorney

When it is for a specified purpose only, this is also known as a limited power of attorney and will often have a date and time period for when the POA ends. Responsibilities under this type of POA can include:

  • The right to make choices regarding medical care and treatment
  • The ability to sell or purchase property
  • The right to manage business and financial transactions

There is no limit as to the type of powers that you may receive under a limited power of attorney.

General Power of Attorney

General powers of attorney give one party complete control over another. These orders may last indefinitely and only end when the creator revokes the original document. A distinguished POA attorney in Plantation can give you a more comprehensive idea of when you might want to consider granting a power of attorney and the other types of POA that exist.

How to Create a Power of Attorney

The first step in creating a POA is carefully deciding who should be awarded the ability. Then, after choosing a trustworthy recipient, you will need to consider what scope of responsibility that person will have. Once this is all in place, a lawyer can draft a document that outlines your wishes.

It is important to note that the law requires a clear statement of intent when an individual creates a power of attorney. According to Florida Statute § 709.2105, parties granting power of attorney to another must personally sign the form or document. In addition, the document must contain the signatures of at least two witnesses who observed the creator’s signing.

A credible Plantation power of attorney lawyer can guide you through the process of creating these documents and make sure everything is in place to protect your best interests.

Enlist the Services of a Plantation POA Attorney to Help Protect Your Future

Situations could arise unexpectedly that make you unable to care for your own well-being. Whether these scenarios are temporary or permanent, it is crucial to have a documented plan in place that allows someone else to step in and help make key decisions for you. A Plantation power of attorney lawyer can help you with this process. With many years of experience in estate planning, All Florida Real Estate Lawyers has the knowledge needed to help ensure your documents are legally binding and to provide you with the best amount of protection and assistance. Call today to schedule a consultation.