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If Your Purchase Agreement or Contract of Sale Was Breached, Contact Attorney Marc Brown

If Your Purchase Agreement or Contract of Sale Was Breached, Contact Attorney Marc Brown

Here in south Florida, buyers breach real estate contracts frequently and in all kinds of ways. When a buyer does not meet the obligations required by a real estate sales contract, what steps can the seller take? If you are a seller in this situation, you have several legal options. Your first step is to contact the Fort Lauderdale law firm of Marc Brown, P.A. for the legal advice and help you need.

In most real estate contracts, the agreement itself spells out the seller’s options if the buyer defaults. That’s one reason why you must read a real estate contract closely before you sign it. Fort Lauderdale real estate litigation attorney Marc Brown can help you understand your obligations and your legal options. When a property buyer in Florida – or the seller of a property – breaches a real estate contract, the other party has several legal remedies available.

What Happens When A Real Estate Contract is Breached?

If some issue is preventing your real estate sale from closing, should you try to enforce the sales contract – or rescind it and let the purchaser out of the transaction? Or should you simply keep the deposit and seek another buyer? Each remedy has its own legal consequences.

Fort Lauderdale real estate litigation attorney Marc Brown can explain the details and implications of your particular circumstances and help you determine which option is in your long-term best interests.

Can You Sue a Seller for Breach of Contract?

While it is usually the buyer who has second thoughts about a real estate transaction, in some cases sellers decide that they don’t really want to sell the property. If the seller contracted to make the sale and then backs out, you’ll need to scrutinize the contract carefully – with attorney Marc Brown’s help.

If you’ve used the standard real estate contract form used by most realtors and approved by the State Bar of Florida, default is defined in the contract itself. When a seller breaches the contract, the buyer can have his or her deposit returned and then either sue for damages or seek to force the sale of the property. Discuss your options with Estate Planning Attorney in Fort Lauderdale Marc Brown before you take any legal action.

Marc Brown, P.A. is Your Trusted South Florida Real Estate Litigation Partner

At the law firm Marc Brown, P.A., we offer a no-cost, no-obligation first legal consultation to real estate buyers and sellers who are dealing with a breach of contract. We do the necessary research, review the relevant documents, and find a way to resolve the matter – preferably through out-of-court negotiations, but we will take your case before a judge and advocate effectively on your behalf if the matter cannot be settled out-of-court.

When you choose attorney Marc Brown to advise and represent you, you’ll be placing the matter in the hands of a lawyer who has more than a decade of experience representing real estate buyers and sellers in the south Florida region.

When a real estate contract is breached, contact the Fort Lauderdale law offices of Marc Brown P.A. at once. As mentioned previously, your first meeting with us entails no cost or obligation. You can arrange that meeting now by calling Marc Brown, P.A. at 954-566-5678.