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All parties who own real estate must be sure to inform others concerning this ownership. This allows the owner to make improvements to the land, file lawsuits to protect it, and to sell it if the need arises.

The sole means of informing others of this ownership is by recording a deed with the relevant County Recorder of Deeds. However, not just any document will satisfy the state’s legal standard for this process. In addition, people looking to purchase property will want to ensure that the party offering the land for sale has the legal authority to do so.

A Fort Lauderdale title and deed lawyer is prepared to aid in both these essential areas. Speak with a knowledgeable attorney today.

How to Properly Register Your Land with the County

All parties who own real estate must be sure to properly register that asset with the County. This informs all relevant parties that the real estate is the asset of the owner and can also allow for a smoother sale in the future.

However, registering a deed with the County is more complex than one may assume. According to Florida Statute § 695.26, a document that a party uses to record real property must:

  • Contain the full printed name of all parties that sign the document
  • Contain the contact information of the person who created the document
  • Have information about the witness or witnesses who observed the signing
  • Leave proper space for clerks of the Registry to acknowledge the recording

Beyond these rules concerning the formation of the document, it is vital to include information that speaks as to the owner’s specific grounds for ownership. For most, this involves stating that they own the property free from any encumbrances. This is called a general warranty deed. Other options include a quitclaim deed that states that there may be possible liens on the land or even deeds that make no warranty as to the owner’s representations on shared ownership. A Fort Lauderdale title and deed attorney is prepared to draft deeds that fit an owner’s specific situation and record them properly with the Recorder of Deeds.

Why is it Important to Perform a Title Check Before Purchasing Property?

The process of properly recording a deed can also have an impact on parties looking to purchase real estate. Before this transaction occurs, a buyer should check with the relevant Recorder of Deeds to research the seller’s apparent ability to sell the land.

A title and deed lawyer in Fort Lauderdale could assist with this process by visiting the Recorder of Deeds to determine the land’s current and past ownership. They could also evaluate the deed’s current status and evaluate whether the owner purports to have full ownership of the property or if there are possible liens or encumbrances on the real estate. This can assist potential buyers to determine if purchasing the land is an undue risk.

Speak with a Fort Lauderdale Title and Deed Attorney Today

Purchasing land requires strict attention to detail. This always involves researching the apparent ability of the seller to transfer the property free from encumbrance. Similarly, people who have recently purchased real estate will want to register that land through the submission of a deed to the Recorder of Deeds.

A Fort Lauderdale title and deed lawyer is prepared to help in both these situations. Contact our law firm now to discover more.