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Making the decision to buy or sell commercial property is a major step for any individual or company. In Fort Lauderdale, these deals can form the backbone of a company’s assets or raise essential capital to hire new staff or expand one’s online presence.

It is essential to approach any commercial real estate transaction with the appropriate knowledge and caution. Our Fort Lauderdale commercial real estate lawyers, will take the lead in helping you to purchase or sell property. At the same time, our real estate attorney can work to address any legal complications that may arise and ensure that the sale meets with all relevant legal requirements.

Taking the Lead During the Negotiation of a Sale

Purchasing or selling commercial real estate is a major financial undertaking. A variety of matters are worth considering during this process, including:

  • The final sale price
  • The closing date
  • What fixtures or other physical assets will move with the property
  • The status of any tenants that may be present
  • Methods and timing of payments

Each of these matters is potentially open for negotiation. A Fort Lauderdale attorney works with you to understand your goals for the sale of your commercial property and to comprehend where there may be room for movement. This helps them to approach the negotiating table from a position of strength and stability to work towards a final agreement that most closely aligns with a party’s wishes.

Working on Your Commercial Real Estate Case from Showing to Closing

Forming the purchase/sale agreement is only one way in which a lawyer may be able to help. Parties seeking to purchase commercial real estate must perform significant research into the matter prior to committing to the sale. This can include the status of the deed, zoning requirements, and current easements on the land. Taking appropriate care before buying commercial land is especially important when considering that there is no duty to disclose known fault in this property like there is in residential transactions. The case of Wasser v. Sasoni, 652 So.2d 411 (1995) states that these sales are examples of “buyer beware.”

A competent attorney in Fort Lauderdale can also take the lead during the closing process for your commercial property, including obtaining signatures from all relevant parties and acting to file the sale with the Registrar of Deeds.

Finally, a lawyer can provide essential support after the closing date. This is especially important when one party alleges a breach of the sale contract and litigation becomes necessary.

Consult with a Fort Lauderdale Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Whether you are looking to purchase commercial real estate to start a business or are looking to sell a location, you may require the help of a commercial real estate lawyer. Lawyers help to explain the laws that control the sale and represent your interests every step of the way. This can include inspecting the land and whether a seller has the right to transfer the property, negotiating the purchase/sale agreement, and engaging in litigation if a suspected breach of contract has occurred.

Reach out to All Florida Real Estate Lawyers. We are ready to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and protect your legal rights through the purchase of commercial property.