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Every real commercial real estate transaction that occurs in Florida should have a basis in a contract. This can include both purchase and sale agreements and those that involve the renting of property. These agreements bind parties to their terms and outline the potential remedies should a breach occur. For these reasons, it is essential to approach these situations from a position of knowledge and strength.

Reaching out to a Fort Lauderdale commercial real estate contract lawyer could provide you or your company with the guidance that you need. Our talented attorneys are prepared to take the lead in negotiating terms of a contract, drafting clear and precise language, and protecting your rights in the event of a contractual dispute.

Negotiating the Terms of a Commercial Real Estate Contract

The first way in which a Fort Lauderdale commercial real estate lawyer could help is by representing your interests during the negotiation and formation of contracts. There are a few key areas that must always be present in these contracts. They include:

• The purchase or lease price
• Date of closing or acquisition
• Limitations on how a tenant may use property
• Naming the fixtures that will move with the real estate
• Determining how the property will revert back to the owner upon the end of a lease term

Many people assume that they simply need to accept proposed terms that another offers in a contract. However, the truth is that many of these key provisions and others that may arise are open for negotiation. An attorney works with you to identify your needs, determine where there is room for compromise, and draft contracts that make the rights and obligations of all parties clear.

The Benefit of a Fort Lauderdale Attorney During Contract Disputes

Contract disputes are common in the commercial real estate sector. One party may accuse another of not providing prompt payments according to the terms of a purchase and sale agreement. In situations involving renting, a tenant may face allegations of not properly vacating the property or using it for an unauthorized purpose.

Regardless of the exact circumstances that lead to a dispute over a commercial real estate contract, a Fort Lauderdale lawyer could provide essential support. They work with clients to identify the reason for the dispute and obtain evidence that helps to support their position. If they are seeking a remedy according to the terms of a contract, they can submit demand letters to others seeking payment or even file breach of contract lawsuits in courts. Florida Statute § 95.11 gives parties five years after a supposed breach to file a complaint in court.

On the other hand, they also work to represent the interests of those facing accusations of breaches. In either event, they strive to protect the interests of their clients and come to a conclusion that best serves them and their companies.

Reach Out to a Fort Lauderdale Commercial Real Estate Contract Attorney Now

Commercial real estate contracts form a major part of any business. They can serve as the foundation for obtaining a brick-and-mortar location to serve customers or to lay down corporate roots. When looking to obtain this property, it is always helpful to have a Fort Lauderdale commercial real estate contract lawyer by your side. We can work to negotiate favorable terms and ensure that the transfer process goes as smoothly as possible. Speak with our team today by calling now.