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Real estate liens are claims against a piece of property or land used as collateral or a way for creditors to ensure the repayment of their loans. While the presence of a lien on property does not necessarily mean that the creditor will seize the asset, it does give them the right if the debtor fails to uphold their financial responsibilities.

If you are looking to buy or sell real estate, it is crucial that you ensure that the seller has the right to move the land free from any financial encumbrance. This includes checking with the recorder of deeds to determine if any liens are currently on the property. A Plantation real estate liens lawyer can help sellers to clear any current liens and take the lead in investigating the property’s status on behalf of prospective buyers. Reach out to our skilled team of real estate attorneys today to get started.

What are Liens?

Creditors have many means of securing collection on owed debt. Liens are one of these avenues. The most common form of lien is a property lien that both parties enter into voluntarily upon the purchase of commercial or residential real estate. When an individual requires financing to purchase a piece of property, they typically agree to offer up that property as collateral. This gives the lender the legal right to sell the asset to recover its losses if the current owners can no longer pay for it. Other forms of liens include:

  • Judgement liens: an involuntary lien that is placed on property as a part of a court judgment
  • Tax liens: these are another type of involuntary lien placed when an individual or business fails to pay income, property, or any other kind of state or local tax
  • Construction liens: also called a mechanic’s lien, these can be put in place involuntarily if an owner fails to pay for work done to their home by a contractor or subcontractor

Our Plantation real estate liens attorneys are ready to further explain the concept of a lien and work with property owners to clear any legal encumbrances related to overdue debt that may affect their ability to sell their property.

Working with Potential Buyers to Evaluate the Seller’s Ability to Move Property

Parties looking to purchase real estate in the Plantation area should take steps to ensure that the seller is able to move the property free from any entanglement. A lien on an asset is undoubtedly an example of these complications. It will proceed with the property if the seller manages to transfer it to a buyer without first paying off the attached debt. As a result, it is crucial to properly check the land’s current title and ownership before making a purchase.

This is another way a Plantation real estate liens attorney can help. They work to investigate the land’s current status with the County Recorder of Deeds in Broward and surrounding areas. This allows buyers to rest assured that the seller is able to transfer the land and that there is no lien on the property.

Let a Plantation Real Estate Liens Attorney Protect Your Ability to Buy and Sell Property

If a lien is currently on a piece of real estate, this could have an impact on that property’s ability to change hands. Our team at All Florida Real Estate Lawyers is ready to help address your concerns and ensure a smooth transfer for potential buyers and sellers. Contact our Plantation real estate liens lawyers today to schedule a consultation.