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The purchase of a family home is an exciting but complex legal matter that can affect your rights and finances. Whether this is your first home or you are looking to move to a different part of the country, it is vital to understand how the process works and what laws will control these transactions.

Allowing a Plantation residential real estate lawyer to lead this transaction could help set your mind at ease. They can explore the seller’s ability to transfer the land and are prepared to draft purchase or sale agreements that protect your rights. Contact a qualified real estate attorney at All Florida Real Estate Lawyers today to learn more.

Steps to Take Before Forming a Purchase or Sale Agreement

All residential real estate transactions in Plantation are contracts. This means that both the buyer and the seller have obligations and rights under the law. However, protecting these rights from the beginning of the process is vital when working to purchase a property. As a result, it is necessary to perform due diligence long before making a solid offer.

A major part of this involves a comprehensive title search on the property. The Broward County Record Department maintains extensive records on who owns the land and whether third parties have a lien on the property. If a seller wants to offer land for sale, they should be able to state that they are the sole owners. A meticulous Plantation residential real estate attorney is here to perform these title searches that help buyers rest easy knowing that no third party will come forward in the future. In addition, they can assist sellers in clearing up any title confusion that may cause a potential buyer to hesitate.

How an Attorney Could Help in the Event of a Contract Dispute

All parties to a residential real estate contract must perform their duties according to this document and state law. One prominent example is the requirement that sellers of residential real estate disclose all known defects that might materially affect its value. According to Florida Statute § 475.278, a seller who fails to do so may be personally liable for all financial damage that a buyer sustains.

Cases that arise concerning the proper sale of residential real estate usually move forward under a theory of breach of contract. This means that a civil court may hear the case and award appropriate compensation needed to make a buyer or seller whole again. A skilled Plantation attorney well-versed in residential real estate laws can help represent parties’ interests when a dispute arises to pursue a better result in or out of court.

Reach Out to a Plantation Residential Real Estate Attorney for Help with Purchasing a Home

Finding a place for your family to live is both an exciting time and a stressful process. Even if you find the right house for a sensible price, you will need to conduct extensive research before even considering making an offer.

Thankfully, an experienced Plantation residential real estate lawyer is ready to provide the help you need. They can check with the county’s records to determine if a seller can move the land free from any hindrances and confirm that the seller is providing proper disclosures about any known issues. In addition, they can protect your rights in the event of a dispute in the future.

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